Irie Yoga Schedule



"I fell in love with Iris' teaching style from my first class with her. She has a wonderful balance of information and wisdom delivered with a freethinking approach to the student's needs. She gives individual attention throughout the class, takes time to give each student feedback and adjustments specific to our their body and experience. I love that she makes adjustments to the flows over time to keep us from getting bored or stuck in a repetitive cycle. Iris' physical strength and depth of knowledge inspires me in every class that I take from her."

- April, Irie Yoga Student

Iris has retired from teaching weekly classes, taking some time for inspiration and traveling in India, Baja Mexico and Beyond. When she teaches pop up classes, they might be announced here. She has an email list and will send out an email to her list and on FaceBook, she will announce on her Irie Yoga page. If you want to keep in touch with Iris’ future schedule you can email her at to be added to the list.

When Iris teaches in Sebastopol she teaches at Alive Studio.  When She isn’t in town you can find quality, affordable yoga at this studio. “Your Community Studio”.  

Classes are $10 - $20 sliding scale.