Sebastopol Class Summer Dates

July 27 - 29
Aug. 10 -12
Aug. 24 - 26
Sept. 7 - 9

Intro to Ayurveda and Yoga
We will explore ways to balance the Elements in your lifestyle and in your yoga practice. This theme will be explored throughout this course of study

Pranayama and Meditation
Opportunity to develop a regular morning practice and to learn basic pranayama to support meditation

Invocations and Kirtan
Invocations and Kirtan will be an integral part of the Irie Yoga Teacher Training Experience.  Sound is the first vibration out of light. As a yoga teacher and as a spiritual person, it is profound to connect the voice with the essence of who you are and let it flow through you.
Thursdays 6:30 pm at Alive Yoga Iris is offering a weekly Irie Kirtan from September 15 - November 17.

Foundations and Freedom
The information presented here is based on the Anusara Yoga Universal Principles of Alignment.

Foundations will include alignment from the feet, shins and thighs to the core

Freedom will build on the foundations, from the core to the crown, including shoulders, neck and head 

Chakra Asana Classes
Class will include a grouping of poses (one list for each chakra, each week) presenting Sanskrit names for each pose and bullet point, directional language to better understand these poses for both practice and teaching

Foundational Asana Practice Lower 3 Chakras

Freedom Asana Practice – upper 4 Chakras  

Yoga History and Philosophy
Overview – Vedas, Sutras, Bagavad Gita to Current

This teacher training will emphasize yoga as a lifestyle and is designed to be experiential.  We will explore how physical alignment supports energy flow and the healing force of yoga.  We will also explore our personal relationship with our spiritual life through kirtan, the chanting of the sacred names in Sanskrit, as well as introduce the power of Sanskrit through Vedic Invocations, Patanjali’s Sutras and the Asana Names.  There will also be an introduction to Sanskrit pronunciation from the perspective of both transliteration and Devanagari.  This 200 hour experience is meant to deepen your understanding of all the aspects of yoga so that you can continue your study by following what interests you.

Enrollment is limited to insure quality. This Course of study will be offered from every other weekend from end of June to first of September.  It will be 8 weekends.  The first 7 weekends will each cover one of the 7 chakras. We will explore the physical and mental attributes of each, including asanas associated with each chakra.  There will be teaching assignments throughout, giving everyone an opportunity to develop confidence in speaking clearly and develop experience with sequencing, demos and verbal adjustments.  The last two months will be dedicated to practice teaching and diving more deeply into more advanced asanas, common misalignments, adjustments and some Thai Massage to help us get more comfortable with touching and understand anatomy/range of motion.

You don’t have to want to teach yoga for this to be a valuable experience for you.


200 hr Irie Yoga Teacher Training 2018

Irie Yoga School

Workshop/Module Descriptions

Covolo, Mendocino County Spring Dates

California Intensive *residential option*

April 1 - 4
April 15 - 18
April 29 - May 2

June 1- 3
June 15 -17
June 29 - July1
July 13 -15

Teacher Training $3000

$500 Non-refundable deposit two months prior to start date

- Balance Due by Beginning of training unless  another agreement is made

- Contracted time payments available

- Payment complete before Certificate is awarded

“Iris is a consummate yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer.  I started going to her yoga classes consistently because I loved her approach of integrating alignment-based yoga and vinyasa (flow) yoga.  She has a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in regards to yoga philosophy and practice that is palpable in her classes.  She provides individualized alignment adjustments that are illuminating and life changing.  In her yoga teacher training, I have so appreciated her generosity and passion for sharing the gift of yoga”.

- Maggie Minor

Deposits and Class Fees


*The Friday classes can be in the evening to accommodate working students


May 6 - 9
May 13 -16
May 20 - 23

Introduction to Sanskrit Pronunciation

We will learn to pronounce Sanskrit, the language of the soul, through transliteration and be introduced to Devanagari

Sutra study
A succinct and meaningful sequence of sutras from Patanjali's sutras, chapters one and two.  These sutras describe the essence of the sutras and may inspire deeper study. These chosen sutras will be memorized in Sanskrit and more deeply understood through journal writing

Taking the Seat of the Teacher

​Iris will be exploring the Yamas and the Niyamas, yogaethics, from the 8 limbs in the yoga Sutras by Patanjali, as a tool to self reflection

Journaling homework will revolve around the Yamas and niyamas and yoga sutras

Energy Anatomy

Chakras, Mudras, Mantras, Vayus, Nadi, Bandhas, Pranayama and Meditation.  An experiential exploration of the yoga maps of energy flows in the body that are supported by proper alignment

Sequencing to a peak pose/Anatomy

Learning basic anatomy as we build intelligent sequencing, warming specific muscle groups toward ​a peak pose

Advanced Asana 
Hips and arm balance
Back Bending

Use of the Wall and Props

Common Misalignments and Adjustments
Students will be videotaped and practice one hour sequence